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What is a Lifestyle and Bodywork Coach?

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

My Life Coaching Certification wasn't enough. Yes, it was incredibly valuable for my clients and I to talk through decades limiting habits and beliefs. Shedding light on often confusing and regularly traumatic experiences is so very crucial. These conversations were the birth place of my saying 'we can't let go of what we don't know we're holding onto.' But again, the talking through and intellectualizing of these experiences was just not enough. And so I found Bodywork.

With Bodywork, I am able to bring attention to how beliefs, habits, traumas manifest in our physical posturing using a variety of manual therapies. I call it, 'bringing attention to tension'. If, for example, I asked you to think about a stressful experience from your past or present and then asked you to tell me how you were feeling, the common response might be, 'stressed'. But what does stressed feel like? Where do you feel it? What happens to your posture? Your breath? This awareness is vital for lasting change.

Guiding clients to move through the physical responses of each and every feeling is my passion and Bodywork is the key. It’s one thing to understand your responses to an experience intellectually then say, 'I want to respond differently' or 'I want to shift this habit'. It is an entirely other thing to embody the new habit. To embody is 'to live' or 'to be' the new habit. And so, we bring attention to the physical tension these beliefs or habits create and in a safe and supported space, I guide you to move through that tension and embody ease.

The Life Coaching piece, as stated, is still a crucial piece. As we move through the tension all sorts of thoughts and emotions can surface and the need for a professional trained not just in touch/manual therapy but also talk therapy is a double whammy in wellness. And so, I coined the term Lifestyle and Bodywork Coach. Every Coaching session will have a Bodywork piece and every Bodywork session will have a Coaching piece. In my world, the two are inextricable. Inextricable and highly nuanced. Nuanced in that

For more information please read my blog 'What is Bodywork?'

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